Important - TRIO H10-series Battery Maintenance

This is an important announcement about the care and maintenance of the internal and external batteries in the TRIO HA10 / HX10 Controller (Bartec tablet).


There have been rare instances where the internal battery and/or the external main battery have swollen. This article details the causes, the corrective action taken and the preventative action required to prevent this from happening in the future.


With the external main battery, customers have found that the batteries have swollen and caused the top-cover of the battery to open.  A swollen internal battery can push the external battery out of its slot in the tablet, which may cause damage to the external main battery and to the tablet PC.

The cause of the battery swelling is typically from a long term deep discharge.

For long term deep discharge, users should make sure they charge the tablet external and internal batteries for 1.5 hours every 3 months as part of routine battery care maintenance. It is advised to completely cycle your batteries (fully discharge to full charge) once at least once a quarter.  This process is particularly important for users who infrequently collect data or have spare units not generally in service.

Please see the attached document below for helpful information on charging your battery.

Contact Information

If there are any questions related to TRIO please contact Symphony Industrial AI's technical support.


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