HAZLOC TRIO Touch Modes of Operation (Bartec)

How to Enable Rain or Glove Mode in (Bartec) HAZLOC TRIO

Applicable to only the 3B versions of HAZLOC TRIO Controller manufactured by Bartec.


The latest version of the HAZLOC TRIO has feature called Touch Mode.  The Touch Mode is controlled through the Hot Tab functions and includes a setting for using hands for input while in light rain or mist, a stylus mode for using the stylus pen for finer control, and glove mode which assumes a more forgiving input.  These various modes should be very helpful to users who work with the TRIOs in outdoor environments.

NOTE: The Touch Mode setting must be set each time for as it will not retain the previous setting each time it is powered on.


To Enable Glove/Rain Mode Features on HA/HX Controllers

1. Verify Controller is a 3B version (Located on Upper-Back-Left of Controller).

2. From the Hazloc Controller- Press the HOME key.

3. The HotTab Menu will now open.
     a. From the HotTab Menu – Click “Device”

     b. From the Device Menu- Click “Touch Set”


4. The Touch Mode Select window will open- Select the desired mode of operation
     a. Select Hand/Rain Mode



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