Section 4 - Collecting and Validating Data with TRIO


In this section we are ready to go into the field with TRIO, collect data, and verify you have received good, quality vibration readings.


  • Navigate the features and functions of TRIO
  • Collect field notes
  • Communicate with analysts
  • Collect vibration data
  • Review the collected data to ensure it is of quality
  • Synchronizing to the WATCHMAN Data Center


TRIO Welcome Documents are available for download at the bottom of this section.

Part 6:  Using the TRIO Data Collector

This 23 minutes chapter will cover all of the features and functions useful to users of the TRIO data collector in the field.


Part 7:  Confirming Data Quality

This 5-minute chapter will take a look at some common examples of bad data to help you know what to look for.



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