Section 2 - Understanding & Preparing Machines


These two chapters will discuss the bearing numbering and sensor orientation and capturing the nameplate information for setting up a repeatable, trending program.


  • Understand bearing numbers
  • Understand triaxial orientation and the right-hand rule
  • Ensuring data collection repeatability
  • Completing the VTAG or Asset Registration Form


Sample VTAG and Asset Registration Forms are available at the bottom to download.

Part 3 - Understanding the Machines:

This 7 minute video will discuss what you need to know about the machinery to collect quality, repeatable data.


Part 4 - Preparing the Machines:

This 22 minute section covers understanding test operating conditions, bearing numbering, installing and labeling the triaxial sensor, sensor orientation and mounting attachment pads.

For answers to the exercises in the workbook, please refer to this page.


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