How to Test your Network Connection

To evaluate your network “bandwidth” and get a better sense of whether your connection to the internet will offer a quality experience with the Watchman Reliability Portal, follow these simple steps.

Note: Symphony Industrial AI’s Watchman Reliability Portal will operate with standard broadband connection speeds. The important component of any connection, however, is the stability of the network. Slower network speeds will usually just result in slower page and document load times. Unstable network connections, however, can result in poor browsing performance and user experience.

1. Open your preferred browser and go to to check your internet connection.

2. Run the test, and review your results.

3. Check for network dropouts which are good indication of internet instability.

When you hover your mouse over the Download Speed info button, you will see a graph representing the stability of your network. Ideally, this graph should look similar to the one pictured above. A good, stable network will have a relatively flat look. The below images indicate how an unstable network connection will look.

4. Get your overall network “grade” by clicking on “Share Results” and then copying the image.

5. Share the result with your IT staff, Watchman Services Representative, Symphony Industrial AI Sales or Support. Simply email the results to share.

6. Open the link to see your grade. You should have better than a C to get the best experience.

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