Using Print To File in the Field

Symptoms: Can’t print when in the field

Summary:  When a technician attempts to print to file, by opening print dialog from the file menu. There is a check box that says: Print to File, but when checked the software opens this screen:

Solution:  Use XPS driver to print to file

Most likely the Microsoft XPS Document Writer Driver is not installed.

This drive is installed like any other printer driver:

      1. Open Control Panel-> Devices and Printers->Add Printer
  • Select Add a local printer


      1. Select Use an existing port the default selection will do
  • Click Next


      1. Wait while printer list populates
  • Select Microsoft
  • From the list on the right, select the top Microsoft XPS Document Writer
  • Click Next


    1. Follow prompts and made that printer the defaultTo print to file, got to File->Print
      1. Under Select Printer, make sure the Microsoft XPS Document Writer is selected
      2. Do not check the Print to file box
  • Select Print


    1. Name the file
    2. Save
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