Installing Attachment Pads and Sensors


This section will give you instruction for installing the sensor attachment (mounting) pad or wireless vibration sensor using a 2-part Loctite adhesive.


  • Steps for installing the attachment pad
  • Understand mounting options and common solutions


An attachment pad is generally used for most installations.  This could be either a Quick-Connect pad (2-part) and Standard pad (requires tool to mount sensor), or the wireless sensor with the glue-mount pad

Other pads and other types of adhesives are possible, the below-linked "Mounting Options for Watchman 360 Vibration Programs" document discusses the four most common mounting configuration solutions for various sensors.

To install mounting pads, including wireless sensors mounts, standard AK-BR triaxial pads, single-axis mounts, and quick-connect pads, you will need a couple of tools:

  1. Number of attachment pads
  2. Loctite 7387 activator and Loctite 330 (or 325) adhesive
  3. Flat file or other grinding tool
  4. Wiping rags
  5. Number of mounting pad caps or covers (if applicable)

The process for attachment pad installation:

  1. Identify the bearing location for the attachment pad or sensor (per VTAG).  Ensure it is a good transmission path and follow guidelines.
  2. Remove paint for metal to metal contact under attachment pad.
  3. Use the wiping rag to clean the paint-free area.
  4. Use the wiping rag to remove any machining oil residue on the pad.
  5. Apply the activator on both surfaces. Let the activator get a little tacky by waiting about a minute.
  6. Apply a small, pea-sized drop of the adhesive to the back of the attachment pad.
  7. Orient the attachment pad per the VTAG and place on machine location.
  8. Hold the attachment pad/sensor in place for about a minute until the pad is well bonded.
  9. Let the pad fully cure (between 3 to 30 minutes depending on environment and age of the adhesive kit.
  10. Cover the attachment pad with the cap to protect the pad.  Install a wireless sensor tether if desired.

Adhesive Alternatives:

There are basically three classes of adhesives used to attach vibration attachment pads to machines.

Cyanoacrylate   - Super Glue, very good with high frequency vibration, lacks toughness and pad falls off w/in a few months.  Excellent if you just want to do a vibration survey and not come back for trending.

Acrylic  - The best all around adhesive.  Loctite 325 and 330 are examples of acrylic adhesives.  Search your local market for an acrylic adhesive. Easy to use, not sensitive to ratio of part a & b, and forgiving when surface prep is less than perfect.

Epoxy – Good adhesive but difficult to work with – sensitive to the mixture ratio (parts A & B), sensitive to surface cleanliness so surface prep must be perfect, takes a lot of time and produces lots of waste.

Refer to the below attachment, "Adhesives Used to Attach Mounting Pads to Machinery for Vibration Analysis", for additional information.

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