Installing and Using the WATCHMAN Sync Utility

Welcome to the WATCHMAN Sync Utility.  

Version, March 5, 2021

This small application is installed on the TRIO data collector to synchronize a subscription database installed on your TRIO tablet controller with your master database, hosted on our Microsoft Azure cloud platform (Watchman Data Center and/or Eureka AI platform).

This Utility should be run prior to and after routine data collection to perform these four steps:

  1. Downloading - receives any new configuration information and/or analyst instructions necessary prior to collecting the next round of data.  
  2. Processing - will update the ALERT application database and automatically configure any changes.
  3. Uploading - will send any newly collected data and/or field changes to the master database.
  4. Clean-up - this final steps checks that all communication has been completed and verified.

How to Install

The simplest process is to perform these steps directly from TRIO, but you could also download the installation file and copy to your TRIO using USB drive or other medium if preferred.  

  1. Download the executable file by clicking on this link. 
  2. From the TRIO Controller, launch the installation file, WatchmanSyncUtility_Install_1.0.0.56.exe.
  3. Follow the prompts to accept and complete the installation process.
  4. After you click Finish, the installation is complete and your are ready to synchronize your database.

How to Synchronize your Watchman Program

  1. From the TRIO desktop, double-click the Watchman Sync Utility icon.
  2. Select the database to sync from the Select a DSN pull-down list.
  3. Click the Sync ALERT Database button.
  4. The synchronization process will verify a internet connection and begin the process.
  5. Wait until you see the word "Done" before closing the window.

Important Note:  If it has been some time since last sync, or if there is a significant amount of data, or a slow connection, it may appear or state that the utility is not responding.  Please be patient and allow for the system to complete before closing the window.


Additional Information

The attached application note further explains how to install and use the WATCHMAN Sync Utility on TRIO data collectors and includes advanced setup options such as setting a scheduled task.


This 2.5 minute video will help give you an overview of this utility.



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