Important Change to Controller Use Requirements

Effective for all existing TRIO HA10 or HX10 Controllers

The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the HAZLOC TRIO Tablet Controller, BARTEC, has made a change to the requirements document in regards to the I/O Protective Cover while in use in Hazardous Locations (HAZLOC).

The hard, plastic I/O cover (formerly known as the HAZLOC I/O Cover) located on the right side of the controller and the Docking Port cover located on the bottom edge of the controller are no longer required to be installed while using the TRIO in hazardous locations.  Originally required, the HAZLOC I/O Cover was secured in place using three screws for port protection while in HAZLOC areas.  This requirement has been lifted by the OEM through their product certification process.


The soft standard, hinged I/O Cover is required to be in place and closed while in Hazardous Locations.  The I/O ports are only allowed to be used while in SAFE areas.  The ratings of these ports do not require the heightened level of protection that was provided with the HAZLOC I/O Cover.

Effective on October 1, 2016, Symphony Industrial AI will no longer ship the HAZLOC I/O Cover with HAZLOC TRIO orders.

The advantage to users of this change is in the convenience to access these ports for the connection of peripheral accessories and to charge the unit while in SAFE areas.

For additional information, please see the attached User Manual from the OEM.


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